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Tips on handling valuables

It is very helpful and advisable for your security not to:
Flaunt valuables outside the house. This will attract thieves and burglars and gain knowledge to your stash; cars should also have alarm systems and should be covered or hidden in a enclosed garage. Hide certain valuables inside a deposit safe or on a secured location. Locksmith Glendale can help you with your security systems.

Tips in replacing an old key

If an old key is already in the risk of snapping or breaking itself, it should be replaced immediately. The locksmith may have a difficult time duplicating the key, especially if it snapped, left in the lock or broken in pieces. So, if your old key is in the verge of breaking itself, have them duplicated, especially if it is the only copy available.

Build a secure home

If you're constructing your house now, make sure the main doors are placed at least 40 inches away from windows or openings, so that potential burglars won't reach your keys. Deadbolt installation is a prerequisite for high home security and make sure the door is made of solid materials.

Details make the difference

The experts of our company in Glendale remind you that apart from having the locks replaced occasionally, it is also prudent to take some simple preventive measures to avoid burglaries. For example, lock your doors and cut down the tree branch which leads straight to your bedroom window.

Replace the lock mechanism if broken

You'll know the lock mechanism is broken when you turn the key but the latch bolt doesn't lock. In such cases, it's useless to try to repair parts that cannot be fixed properly and our technicians will suggest immediate lock replacement. It's critical to your security.

Don’t DIY if you don't know how

Tampering with locks, especially those with advanced features may only cost you more if you do not have the skill and the right tools. Instead, call in a locksmith who will know exactly what to do because they have the training and the equipment to deal with practically all types of locks.

A double deadbolt lock is the best type to install

Single deadbolts require a key to open from the outside, but are opened with the turn of a knob or thumb lever from the inside. These types of deadbolts are fine, but the problem is that if the door has windows, or is located close to one, an intruder can simply break it and easily gain access by reaching in and turning the lever or knob. Go for double deadbolts instead, which require a key to open from both sides.

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