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We provide solutions for a variety of lock related problems. If you want to know more about our services, see the FAQs below. Do you have questions about locks? Do you know what to do when keys are damaged? The answers below will be very helpful!

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Is it possible to have my door painted without affecting the bolts and locks?

Of course. According to the team at Locksmith Glendale, it is helpful to inform the painter to be extra careful when painting around the whole lock mechanism. A high grade masking tape may be placed around the deadlocks. This will avoid the part from being painted, which may cause difficulties later on.

What are the common types of locksmith services that I can avail of?

There are different types of locksmith services available for many people. If you have problems with your locks at home, residential locksmith services are available. There are also services available for automobiles. Key Cutting and Installation may be done by experts in the field.

Why do I need a double cylinder door lock?

This is a great addition to the home when the doors are near windows. They prevent intruders from getting in by opening one entrance and then manually accessing the other. The double cylinder needs a key inside and therefore offers protection.

Is it wise to give a house employee a key?

This will give you maximum flexibility and convenience. At the same time, there are ways to do that and still keep your home secure. One of the solutions is to add a second lock to your front door and give the employee a key only for that. If the other one is used by family members, rest assured your level of security is high.

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