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How to Take Care of Locks

05/08/2015 Back To Blog

Door locks require basic maintenance. They need to be taken care of from time to time and this is basically for your own benefit. Well-secured doors give you peace of mind whether you are at home or not. Although there are many security solutions, ideas, and suggestions, having the right bolts installed and being sure of their excellent condition is your number one priority. They are the foundations of solid home security!

So, how do we take care of them? It's easier to understand what they need if you consider what they are going through every single day. First of all, keep in mind they are made of steel and this material reacts to the different climatic conditions. Consequently, during the cold winter months, your door lockset might freeze. At another level, never forget they are used many times daily and, in fact, by keys which are usually damaged. One problem leads to another and eventually both keys and locks might become rusty or dented. Most certainly, when damage is not repairable, you have no choice but to have the locks replaced but this hassle was easily avoidable.

Acquiring new security door locks and of the latest generation once every few years is wise, but it is significant to choose the time yourself and not be coerced to changing locks due to sudden problems. Their routine maintenance every few month helps keep them in exceptional condition, preventing serious issues and, consequently, avoiding a possible house lockout.

Basic steps for lock maintenance

Maintenance is not lock repair. In other words, you are not trying to solve a particular problem but rather prevent it. In order for you to avoid problems resulting from frozen locks, spray lubricants before winter arrives. Consider it part of your whole pre-winter preparation. Choose graphite or silicone lubricants and lubricate the latch on the side of the door. It's smart to clean the lock before lubricating it. Dust and grime are collected inside the lock and the level of difficulty depends on whether you possess simple or complex deadbolts. You need to remove the screws of the deadbolt and then the inside and outside cylinders in order to reach the deadbolt assembly.

Your task is to blow dust off the pin holes and every part of the lock with canned air but don't keep it to close or moisture will build up on the bolt and you will encounter rust problems later. It's also important to check all keys once in a while and make sure they fit well. Another approach is to make sure the door is balanced by tightening and fixing its hinges. Lastly, check the strike plate and replace it if it is damaged. Make sure it is always aligned with the latch and well-fastened. 

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