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Ensure the Physical Safety of Your Home with the Right Locks

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

Before you leave your car in the parking lot, you make sure that the doors and windows are locked, and that the alarm mechanism is on. The same thing holds true when you are leaving the house. When going to work, you have to make sure that the doors and windows are locked to prevent intruders from breaking in. But even if you make it a point to leave the doors securely locked every morning, the physical security of your home is only as good as the integrity and strength of the individual locks which are installed in the first place.

If you have latch bolt locks in your front door, it can easily be tampered with by intruders who can possibly break into your home. This also applies to traditional padlocks. So what types of locks should you use instead? How about deadbolt locks? Read on to find out its stellar security features, and how to have one properly installed in your home.

The Benefits of Installing Deadbolt Locks

Also called a deadbolt or a dead lock, this locking mechanism cannot be opened unless the cylinder inside is turned around or rotated. This means that anyone who does not have the right keys for the door is unable to open it. Using deadbolt locks minimizes the possibility of having your homes broken into. There are some deadbolt lock designs which require the complete removal of the locking mechanism before it can be opened without a key. It is this feature which makes it more difficult to forcibly enter deadbolt-locked doors unless you have a key.

If you don’t have the funds to install a fancy, high-tech alarm system to physically secure your home, it is best to have dead bolts and other lock combinations installed by a professional from locksmith Glendale. These pros would know which locks to install, where to install them and where to place additional locks. By making sure that your doors and windows are securely locked, you can have utmost peace of mind knowing that your home is physically secure.

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